Jul 1, 2012

A special digi pack for a fund

Hi everyone! 2 crafty friends Liz Martinez and Claudia Harvey both have the blessing to be moms of special kids. Liz's boy name is David and Claudia's boy name is Sammy. They have some things in common,  right now they are having some financial challenges to afford their autism kids’ therapies. So I had the idea to create a fund by donating the sales of digital stamps to help them to pay part of their kids therapies.  Two talented illustrators Karla Barradas and Betty Roberts joined to the cause and created some lovely digital stamps and we put it in a "Digi Pack" all sales made will go to Sammy & David therapies fund. 
What I love the most about the crafting community is that we are there to support each other.
By purchasing the images, you will help these boys in a huge way.   :) 
You can find the Sammy & David digi pack here.  
Thank you for reading this post. Have a great day! 


  1. wow and amazing thing your doing cant wait to get my hands on them xxxx

  2. It will be my pleasure to help out! Have already started re-posting this so we can get it out to as many people as possible!!!

  3. this is just awesome! you rock girl! :)